Box HER11 Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GERI 2016) is a strategic response to the ongoing decline and mass extinction of native species in eastern Australia. It draws together industry, government and nongovernment organisations that are active in the conservation of our natural heritage, seeking to promote landscape-wide connectivity and high-priority biodiversity projects within the corridor.

The project aims to support biodiversity by strengthening the habitat value of a 3600 kilometre corridor of native vegetation between western Victoria and far north Queensland (Figure HER1), enabling native species to move, adapt to and survive the environmental challenges that threaten their long-term survival. This is to be achieved by:

  • improving the connectivity, condition and resilience of landscapes and habitats, thus halting the further decline and loss of species
  • increasing the number of people working together in locally organised and managed regional partnerships to improve the connectivity and resilience of landscapes
  • improving transfer of knowledge, skills and practices through community engagement, involvement and education
  • improving understanding of species, ecosystems and local landscapes in the context of the wider Great Eastern Ranges, and their requirements for long-term persistence.

Source: Mackey et al. 2010

Mackay R (2016). Heritage: Box HER11 Great Eastern Ranges Initiative. In: Australia state of the environment 2016, Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, Canberra,, DOI 10.4226/94/58b658bbe13a0