Change in percentage of protected vegetation within 50 kms of shore, 2011–2016
Change from 2010 to 2014 Reserved Percent
Mallee Open Woodlands and Sparse Mallee Shrublands0.020441769
Rainforests and Vine Thickets2.946030939
Other Shrublands4.870502374
Low Closed Forests and Tall Closed Shrublands0.841829304
Mallee Woodlands and Shrublands1.88283618
Callitris Forests and Woodlands -0.196221338
Eucalypt Tall Open Forests1.198726919
Casuarina Forests and Woodlands0.296982013
Other Forests and Woodlands0.215886466
Eucalypt Low Open Forests-1.1195569
Regrowth, modified native vegetation0.300585147
Other Grasslands, Herblands, Sedgelands and Rushlands-0.161358759
Other Open Woodlands4.997983685
Eucalypt Open Forests0.045663565
Chenopod and Samphire Shrublands, and Forblands15.4042289
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat0.810106158
Tropical Eucalypt Woodlands/Grasslands-0.593866538
Inland aquatic - freshwater, salt lakes, lagoons0.512108819
Eucalypt Woodlands-1.783166438
Acacia Shrublands5.408751997
Melaleuca Forests and Woodlands -0.840079098
Unknown/no data0.855413856
Unclassified native vegetation1.343557187
Hummock Grasslands0.213700795
Unclassified Forest-2.755440746
Sea and estuaries-0.274267581
Acacia Forests and Woodlands1.346347458
Eucalypt Open Woodlands-3.619676819
Tussock Grasslands0.492208662
Cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings0.070708955
Acacia Open Woodlands-0.000844366