Extent of major vegetation groups (pre 1750) as assessed by VAST
pre 1750 veg (M ha)
Eucalypt Open Forests35.49
Eucalypt Low Open Forests1.21
Eucalypt Tall Open Forests4.43
Unclassified Forest0.1
Eucalypt Woodlands125.97
Eucalypt Open Woodlands53.6
Acacia Open Woodlands42.26
Other Open Woodlands16.82
Acacia Forests and Woodlands47.95
Callitris Forests and Woodlands 4.66
Casuarina Forests and Woodlands3.25
Melaleuca Forests and Woodlands 8.57
Other Forests and Woodlands5.05
Low Closed Forests and Tall Closed Shrublands2.84
Mallee Open Woodlands and Sparse Mallee Shrublands2.48
Mallee Woodlands and Shrublands31.96
Acacia Shrublands87.01
Chenopod Shrublands, Samphire Shrublands and Forblands44
Other Shrublands15.93
Tropical Eucalypt Woodlands/Grasslands13.75
Tussock Grasslands57.05
Hummock Grasslands135.93
Other Grasslands, Herblands, Sedgelands and Rushlands7.31
Rainforests and Vine Thickets5.01
Unclassified native vegetation0.16