Percentage of major vegetation group remaining, 2016
Percent Veg Remaining 2014
Hummock grasslands98.83
Unclassified forest98.59
Chenopod and samphire shrublands and forblands98.08
Casuarina forests and woodlands97.4
Tropical eucalypt woodlands/grasslands97.29
Acacia open woodlands94.79
Other grasslands, herblands, sedgelands and rushlands94
Acacia shrublands93.92
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat93.87
Callitris forests and woodlands 89.94
Melaleuca forests and woodlands 87.96
Acacia forests and woodlands84.98
Eucalypt low open forests83.75
Rainforests and vine thickets78.44
Other forests and woodlands77.64
Tussock grasslands75.49
Eucalypt tall open forests74.87
Eucalypt open woodlands74.51
Eucalypt woodlands72.51
Eucalypt open forests70.23
Other open woodlands69.36
Other shrublands68.3
Low closed forests and tall closed shrublands63.21
Unclassified native vegetation60.35
Mallee woodlands and shrublands53.05
Mallee open woodlands and sparse mallee shrublands33.88