Figure COA11 b Change in percentage of major vegetation groups remaining, 2011–2016
Change percent remaining 2010 to 14
Hummock grasslands0
Unclassified forest0
Chenopod and samphire shrublands and forblands0.0078
Casuarina forests and woodlands12.9955
Tropical eucalypt woodlands/grasslands0
Acacia open woodlands0
Other grasslands, herblands, sedgelands and rushlands0.0579
Acacia shrublands-0.0079
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat-0.0111
Callitris forests and woodlands -0.1317
Melaleuca forests and woodlands 0.0024
Acacia forests and woodlands0.0103
Eucalypt low open forests0.0671
Rainforests and vine thickets0.0084
Other forests and woodlands-0.0249
Tussock grasslands0.0065
Eucalypt tall open forests-1.3645
Eucalypt open woodlands0.1808
Eucalypt woodlands-0.2175
Eucalypt open forests0.1627
Other open woodlands0
Other shrublands-0.0447
Low closed forests and tall closed shrublands-0.0051
Unclassified native vegetation-2.7928
Mallee woodlands and shrublands-0.0001
Mallee open woodlands and sparse mallee shrublands0.0756