Area of major vegetation groups remaining, 2016
Area remaining 2014 mil ha
Hummock grasslands3.057078
Unclassified forest0.072003
Chenopod and samphire shrublands and forblands3.573051
Casuarina forests and woodlands0.185563
Tropical eucalypt woodlands/grasslands4.990852
Acacia open woodlands0.236864
Other grasslands, herblands, sedgelands and rushlands2.306582
Acacia shrublands4.137897
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat0.991147
Callitris forests and woodlands 0.017837
Melaleuca forests and woodlands 2.222836
Acacia forests and woodlands0.940619
Eucalypt low open forests0.390853
Rainforests and vine thickets2.529932
Other forests and woodlands0.876032
Tussock grasslands2.673664
Eucalypt tall open forests2.245012
Eucalypt open woodlands1.792121
Eucalypt woodlands15.841891
Eucalypt open forests9.487794
Other open woodlands0.887758
Other shrublands2.369709
Low closed forests and tall closed shrublands0.553502
Unclassified native vegetation0.027639
Mallee woodlands and shrublands4.321495
Mallee open woodlands and sparse mallee shrublands0.17611