Area of vegetation reserved
Area of vegetation reserved 2014 thousand ha
Mallee Open Woodlands and Sparse Mallee Shrublands108.427
Rainforests and Vine Thickets1368.359
Other Shrublands1097.875
Low Closed Forests and Tall Closed Shrublands248.57
Mallee Woodlands and Shrublands1501.54
Callitris Forests and Woodlands 6.078
Eucalypt Tall Open Forests705.762
Casuarina Forests and Woodlands56.399
Other Forests and Woodlands265.961
Eucalypt Low Open Forests112.68
Regrowth, modified native vegetation1.397
Other Grasslands, Herblands, Sedgelands and Rushlands596.753
Other Open Woodlands201.328
Eucalypt Open Forests2022.678
Chenopod and Samphire Shrublands, and Forblands712.307
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat162.902
Tropical Eucalypt Woodlands/Grasslands799.231
Inland aquatic - freshwater, salt lakes, lagoons114.909
Eucalypt Woodlands1972.126
Acacia Shrublands508.895
Melaleuca Forests and Woodlands 265.531
Unknown/no data42.112
Unclassified native vegetation2.972
Hummock Grasslands320.516
Unclassified Forest5.37
Sea and estuaries5.296
Acacia Forests and Woodlands49.355
Eucalypt Open Woodlands90.817
Tussock Grasslands83.112
Cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings214.217
Acacia Open Woodlands0.009