Percentage of vegetation reserved
2014 Percent Protected Vegetation Reserved
Mallee Open Woodlands and Sparse Mallee Shrublands61.57
Rainforests and Vine Thickets54.09
Other Shrublands46.33
Low Closed Forests and Tall Closed Shrublands44.91
Mallee Woodlands and Shrublands34.75
Callitris Forests and Woodlands 34.08
Eucalypt Tall Open Forests31.44
Casuarina Forests and Woodlands30.39
Other Forests and Woodlands30.36
Eucalypt Low Open Forests28.83
Regrowth, modified native vegetation26.39
Other Grasslands, Herblands, Sedgelands and Rushlands25.87
Other Open Woodlands22.68
Eucalypt Open Forests21.32
Chenopod and Samphire Shrublands, and Forblands19.94
Naturally bare - sand, rock, claypan, mudflat16.44
Tropical Eucalypt Woodlands/Grasslands16.01
Inland aquatic - freshwater, salt lakes, lagoons13.74
Eucalypt Woodlands12.45
Acacia Shrublands12.3
Melaleuca Forests and Woodlands 11.95
Unknown/no data11.36
Unclassified native vegetation10.75
Hummock Grasslands10.48
Unclassified Forest7.46
Sea and estuaries6
Acacia Forests and Woodlands5.25
Eucalypt Open Woodlands5.07
Tussock Grasslands3.11
Cleared, non-native vegetation, buildings1.05
Acacia Open Woodlands0