What is SoE and why report?

Every 5 years, the Australian Government commissions an independent review of the state of the environment. The purpose of national state of the environment reporting is to:

  • provide all Australians with authoritative information on the state of the environment that sustains our economy and wellbeing
  • provide the Australian public, the Australian Government and other decision-makers responsible for managing our environment with an assessment of how effectively the Australian environment is being managed and what the key national environmental issues are.


How is SoE written?

SoE 2016 follows the structure of SoE 2011. This section describes the contents and framework of the reports and the approach used to make assessments. 


Who writes SoE?

A team of independent experts led the coordination and drafting of each thematic report, and contributed to the Overview, Drivers and Approach reports.


SoE Digital

This website is an interactive online platform that improves the ability of users to track change over time and access the information they want. 


Meet the authors and key contributors