Assessment of effectiveness of heritage management


In SoE 2011, the framework and structure for the management effectiveness assessment summaries were arranged to align with the business plan of the Heritage and Wildlife Division of the then Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. The approach involved assessing identification, management and protection within each of the components that were standardised across different SoE 2011 themes (understanding, planning, inputs, processes and outcomes). The assessment summaries here do not use the same breakdown, as they no longer link directly to the department’s business plan. This means that the majority of the management effectiveness assessments are not directly comparable with those in SoE 2011. The exceptions are leadership and celebration, which are generally somewhat comparable.

Mackay R (2016). Heritage: Assessment of effectiveness of heritage management. In: Australia state of the environment 2016, Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, Canberra,, DOI 10.4226/94/58b658bbe13a0