Australia SoE 2016: Overview  was developed to provide an easily readable, condensed version of SoE 2016. In addition to summarising the contents of the SoE 2016 thematic reports, the overview also provides a synthesis of common trends and findings in those reports.

It highlights what has changed over the past 5 years, explores the main pressures and risks facing Australia's environment today and provides an overall outlook for our environment.

The overview report primarily uses the same SoE 2016 framework as the thematic reports. A 'Headlines' section provides a snapshot of the key findings of SoE 2016 thematic reports, which were developed through extensive consultation with experts and a peer review process. To improve readability and reduce repetition, the overview report summarises some sections by considering issues raised across a number of the thematic reports, rather than reporting on each theme separately, see, for example, the section of the overview report on Pressures.

The overview report was tabled in Parliament in March 2017. The report as tabled is available for download as a PDF.

Jackson WJ, Argent RM, Bax NJ, Bui E, Clark GF, Coleman S, Cresswell ID, Emmerson KM, Evans K, Hibberd MF, Johnston EL, Keywood MD, Klekociuk A, Mackay R, Metcalfe D, Murphy H, Rankin A, Smith DC, Wienecke B (2016). Overview: Approach. In: Australia state of the environment 2016, Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, Canberra,, DOI 10.4226/94/58b65510c633b